Saturday, June 2, 2007

#1 Saturday Special

Picture Perfect~Fill In The Blanks, Try Using Photos~
1. A picture perfect day is ______?:
2. A picture perfect dinner is ______?:
3. A picture perfect evening is ______?:
4. A picture perfect vacation is _____?:

1. A picture perfect day is my wedding day.

2. A picture perfect dinner is when we ate together.
My husband and I work different shifts so naturally
we don't have time to eat together with our daughter.
That day it was our day off because it was
Victoria Day so we ate together.

3. A picture perfect evening is when we had our
first dance on our wedding day.

4. A picture perfect vacation is when we went to
Italy for our honeymoon. We toured around
Rome, Florence, and Venice for a week.

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Clockworkchris said...

Wow, I think you have more links than I do! Your Sat Special was excellent. All about family and wedding. I think that is the way it should be. I can't wait to have children. I don't dance and my wife really doesn't dance so we didn't have a big reception or dancing. That honeymoon sounds like a lot of fun!

Neither here nor there... said...

the unity of family... luv your perfect pictures.

Barbara said...

Great pictures! Looks like your wedding was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hello ,
i love visiting your sites especially the one with the filipino movies :0)nd tnx for sharing! i enjoyed viewing all the episodes.

lovely pictures you got here.
pareho tayung mahilig sa photography.

Ladynred said... kaayo imo pics sa kasal, sexy body pa with matching dance dance and honeymoon...

Just Mhe said...

ka sexy sa bride uy...Diay perfect jud day.Hey...your lucky jud kay naka-adto naka sa Italy na askang layo-a ana gkan sa inyoha canada sah??Akong duol diri wa jud kay way sapi hehehe...Wow..venice pa jud as in romantic city in the whole world.Nice cities you been to,I heard.Cool photos and greta memories..Didto di-ay nahimo si Abby gring?Sa Italy??Bantog ra guapa kaau hehehe.