Sunday, July 15, 2007

Laughing Matters

10 reasons to giggle while you work:
1. Workplace managers who use humour most often also generate higher employee performance levels.
2.. Laughing at work improves employee morale.
3. Two hundred belly laughs burn as many calories as 10 minutes on the rowing machine.
4. High blood pressure drops to a healthier level after a bout of laughter.
5. Laughter increases energy levels by oxygenating blood.
6. Muscles relax with laughter.
7. Regular laughter provides a mini-workout for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
8. Immune system T-cells, natural killer cells, and antibodies mobilize better and daily does of laughter.
9. Finding humour in a stressful situation helps to release tension and gain a better
10. The workplace group that laughs and plays together stays together.

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