Sunday, July 15, 2007

Natural Cleaning Tips

1. Leave baking soda on carpets overnight to absorb musty odours.
2. removing heel marks with a pencil eraser.
3. Clean textured walls with nylon socks to avoid leaving material chunks behind.
4. Shine windows using old newspaper.
5. Glass shower doors will sparkle with a little white vinegar.
6. Pour club soda on counters for an ultra-safe cleanse.
7. Baking soda or club soda will clean and shine stainless steel sinks like a dream.
8. An open box of baking soda in the fridge will absorb odours for up to a month.
9. a few drops vanilla extract on a piece of cotton in the fridge will nix unpleasant smells.
10. Wipe down the fridge with vinegar to prevent mildew.
11. Use a paper bag over spilled candle wax then lightly iron.
12. Remove gum by applying ice until it's brittle and crumbles off,.

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