Monday, September 3, 2007

Equipment use for Pickling and Preserving

1.Canning Jars = Use jars that are manufactured for canning with two-piece lids. Check for cracks and nicks in the jar rims.
2. Cooking Pan = Use a wide, heavy based saucepan which allow the mixture to come halfway up the sides of the pan. When the contents are boiling rapidly they will not spill over. Vinegar and salt will react with some metals so never use galvanized, copper, brass, iron or aluminum cooking utensils.
3. Canner = The boiling water canner should be large to hold two to four inches (5-10 cm) of water above the top of the jars.
4. Spoons = It is best to use a long handled wooden spoon for stirring. Use a slotted spoon for skimming off any surface scum on jams.

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