Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe what happened!

Last week when I was cooking our stove caught on fire. I was really scared and screaming to my mother for help. She was screaming too but she disappeared in front of me. I tried to kill the fire using the towel but it didn't stop. Anyway I turned on the faucet and wet the towel and used it to to kill the fire. Thank God it stopped. I totally forgot about the fire extinguisher that we have in the kitchen. I just can't believe what happened that day. I asked my Mom where she went and she said she was looking for help. But we have phone in the kitchen and she went to her room. I didn't know if she called 911. I never ask. I think it was the oil that's triggered the fire. Anyways I didn't tell hubby about it because I'm sure he will react differently. I will tell him in time when I'm ready. He doesn't read my blogs because he is too busy with his own business.


Anonymous said...

Hi Agring, hala ka kuyaw ato ba, unsa nalang kung wala napalong. Ingon pa nila mas maayo nalang kong ma kawatan kaysa sa masunugan. Dawbi, tubig imong gi gamit pagpalong sa kalayo, wala na unsa ang kuryente?

Ladynred said...

One burner lang man ang nisilaob tapos gibasa nako ang towel gamay rapod nga tubig unya akong gibunalbunal sa kalayo...hahaha! Tubig baya ng ginagamit sa fire truck ug kanang fire extinguisher.