Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Healthy Holiday Tips

We all know that holidays is a great gatherings for our family and friends. Naturally food is always present. Well, enjoy all the season has to offer, by making healthier choices during special meals and gatherings. Dieticians recommend pacing yourself, especially at cocktail parties, and choosing vegetables because of their satisfying crunch and low calorie count.
Here are some more party tips from HealthyOntario.com
1. Avoid going out hungry. Eating fruit, yogurt or soup at home will prevent overeating once you get to your destination.
2. Avoid constant nibbling. Move away from food tables while socializing.
3. Dips like salsa, hummus, and guacamole are lower in saturated fat than those with a cream or mayo base.
4. Avoid fried foods and hot hors d'oeurves .
5. Share a dessert or have just one bite.
6. Stick with drinks made with unsweetened fruit juice or mineral water.
7. Offer to be the designated driver and sip on soda with lime. (NC)

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