Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Domain Registration

When I started blogging I have been using free blogs and what that means is it's already hosted by their own server like wordpress and blogspot. And I'm still using the free ones but I have also my own domain now which is a lot better. Having my own domain is so much easier to manuever because I can do whatever I want without asking permission. I have total control of what I wanna put in my site. No one will touch it because it's mine unlike free ones you cant' do want you want. If they decided to stop you from using it then they can do that. Why? because you don't control it. Think about it!

If you are interested or looking for your own domain you can start your domain registration now. You can purchase your domain at Paylessdomains.com. They are offering domain name, domain transfer, and many more other services. If you buy your domain registration at Paylessdomains you will get 24/7 customer support, free email hosting, Url forwarding, domain approval, renewal reminders, member account, management tools, domain name parking.

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