Saturday, May 24, 2008

Contemporary Rugs

We bought our house almost four years ago about two weeks before my daughter was born. It was a surprised for all of us especially me because I was only eight months pregnant. That means my daughter was one month early. I was so scared but calm. When my daughter arrived I didn't have time to decorate our house. I just quickly made some window curtains and that's about it. Our house is really nice and we love it but we need to upgrade some of the floor. I would like to throw some Area Rugs in the dining room so that it will be nice when I have company. It would feel more relax when the floor is attractive. We have wood floor in the dining room so it's perfect if we add some decorative Rugs, contemporary Rugs. Right? What do you think?

Anyway as for our kitchen it's made of marble floor. And I would really like to add some beautiful Rugs especially when I stand in the kitchen for a long period. It also recommended because it's very cold in the winter and having some rugs in the kitchen will definitely a great help. I also remember that we have marble floor in the hallway so that's also a nice place to throw some area rugs. What about the bathroom? It's also nice to add some Contemporary Rugs there. Well, I have some shopping to do. I hope I will be able do this soon.

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