Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I would rather be a loving Wife and a loving Mother (Yen's QOTW)


1. “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” What do you think of that sayings? It's easy to say but I don't really know! hehe
2. How much money do you have in your wallet? Right now! $320.00 plus some coins. I don't know how much and I'm not going to count it.hehe
3. When you fall asleep are you usually on your side, your stomach, or your back? Mostly right!
4. When you have a deadline do you get started right away, wait until the last minute, or switch back and forth between things? Honestly, wait until the last minute.
5. What is the the most extreme sports you ever did? Ballroom Dancing?
6. If you find a spider in your house do you kill it, ignore it, or shoo it outside? Why? I don't know yet! hahaha!
7. Do you smoke? No
8. If you only have one day to live,what would you do? Spend time with my family!
9. Would you rather be richer than anyone,better than everyone, or less encumbered by responsibility? And Why? I don't mind being rich but not to the extend that I'm ending up hurting anyone or anybody.
10. Which of the following characteristics would you rather have? Choose only one. And Why? Nice,Exciting,Loving,Hot! I would rather be a loving Wife and a loving Mother!

Before you go can I ask you a favor please. Would you mind casting a vote for me. This is a contest and I want the price..hehe! Please go to Carlota's site to cast your vote. It's located on the side bar : "Am I sexy". Thank You everyone.

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MiLeT said...

thanks for the visit. i already cast my vote. i do hope you win the prize.