Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hand Painted Italian Pottery

Almost seven years ago now when we went to Italy for our honeymoon. I just love Italy so much you know and I'm saving money for that. Hopefully in my ten years wedding anniversary I can set foot again in that beautiful place. Hubby also love Italy as much as I did. We walked most of the time to go places and we enjoyed it very much even when we were so tired. I remember when we were out walking around I saw this Italian pottery place and I was so amazed by the pottery that they have on display. And now I came across a site that 's almost the same products that I saw in Italy. I was browsing the site a while ago and gosh everything I see are just wonderful creation. I love the Alcantara tea pot, sugar bowl and the Arabesco cup and saucer. The Deruta Italian Pottery products are just gorgeous collections. They are made by the talented artists. I know that european products especially hand painted Italian pottery are always good quality and creative.

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