Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Culinary School

I just went to work for an hour this morning and came home to take my daughter to school. It's quite far for her to walk that's why I have to drive her to school. After dropping her up then I go back to work and come home at 4:30 PM. Anyway today I would like to talk to you about culinary school which also one of my dream.
As you may not know aside from photography, scrapbooking, gardening, cooking also is my passion. I cook for my family and friends and maybe going to culinary school to learn all the techniques in cooking. Who knows I might going into restaurant business. But for now I have to decide which culinary school that I'm interested in. I know one of the best culinary school is in the states. Culinary School.us can help you find the best school for you. They featured various school for with all the information. They are also the best online guide to culinary arts and school.

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