Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Improve Vision in the Rain

It's now Tuesday here and we just got back from the grocery store to get some vegetables, bread and peanut butter. My sister and I also dropped off my daughter to School before that. Today is also my daughter's first full day at School so that means she will be staying there all day. I will be working this afternoon so hubby will be picking up my daughter at 2:45 pm since he's on holiday this week otherwise my sister will pick her up. You know I still can't believe that she's in School. I'm just so thankful that she likes to go to School and she's always get excited. We just saw a kid outside the School crying because she doesn't want to go inside. Actually it's not the first time. In fact last week there were many kids crying. Anyway enough about my daughter. Today I will be talking about Aquapel® which is available online in a couple of months. This product is a glass treatment and it's use to your windshield rain repellent to improved your vision when driving in the rain. It also help clear ice especially snow and dirt too. During night time it reduces glare in the rain and water marks will reduce by using Aquapel® so if you are curious about this product please feel free to visit the site for more information. I haven't really tried this product because it's available in my local store but I'm definitely interested to learn more about this product. Maybe I will find an Aquapel® dealer in my area so that I could get this product and try it myself. I'm always looking for something that can help me improve my vision when driving in the rain. Driving in the rain is very dangerous if your sight is not clear you know.you could get into accidents. Anyway let's try this product see if it's working.

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