Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blackberry Bold

Hello everyone! It's thursday morning here and I just got home from work. Work was fine by the way and seemed like the night was very fast. Anyway I just woke up my daughter and getting ready for school. It's her last day for this week and next week she will be to school on Friday. That's actually halloween and seem to recall that they can wear halloween costume that day. I'm not sure if I will buy a new halloween outfit. Her princess outfit is still very much fit her . I don't want to spend money for that you know since our economy is giving us problems so I just want to be practical. Besides Christmas is coming up and we need to save some money for that instead. Hubby wants some mobile phones for christmas so I'm thinking of checking up for mobile phones. A friend of mine told me about this site and I was actually browsing their products. They have quite selections and it's perfect for christmas gifts or any occasion for that matter. I'm actually interested in blackberry bold for myself. I just love it's features and looks like very affordable for everyone to purchase. oh well, we'll see if I'll be able to get that for christmas.

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