Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's get ready to Rumble

Let's get ready to Rumble

1. When was the last time you lost your temper with someone?
last week I believe

2. What was it about?
About things he does and never telling me

3. Were you totally right or totally wrong?
I'm right

4. If wrong, how long until you realized it? If right, how long until the other person realized it?
He knows he was wrong, just scared to admit it

5. Did you go a lengthy of time without speaking?
No, it's always like as if nothing happened

6. Who made the first move?
Always him

7. Do you feel the situation is resolved now?
Yes of course

8. Do you ever give in, knowing you weren’t wrong, to keep the peace?
I do give in if I'm wrong yes!

9. Was there permanent damage even though you’ve made up?
No it wasn't big fight

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