Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Dining Chairs

Hello friends ! How are you this morning? I hope everything is fine with you all. As usual I just got back from work. The fire alarm went off last night but thank God nothing happen . We stayed outside for just a little bit . The weather was nice too so it worked just fine. We went back inside the building and back to work. I think it was the drill that we practice at work so we know what we do when fire happens. Anyway I would like to talk to you about Dining Furniture which is one of the most important furniture around the house. We spend most of the time in the kitchen and then to the dining room. Let me ask you what kind of Dining Room Furniture you have in the house? You know I only have dining table, chairs and buffet table in my dining room. I don't have a really huge dining room for anything else. What I really want to buy is a new Dining Room Chairs because mine is already getting old and I need more chairs too. I don't have enough chairs when our friends come for dinner. We have to use the chairs that doesn't match the dining room. Anyway I found some chairs that I really like.

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Anonymous said...

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