Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Online School

Hello my friends. I just went out to drive my brother and mother to work. It’s snowing again and the road was very slippery. I was very careful but I still slipped a little bit. It makes me nervous especially if someone following me to close. People sometimes don’t have a common sense or maybe just being stupid. Anyway I was thinking the other day when I was talking to my sister that maybe it’s time to go back to School. But the problem is I don’t have time because I’m working. I cannot stop working because that’s our livelihood. Then I came across this site who offers online courses. It would be nice to take up MS nursing you know because our friends in Regina said that there are available jobs there in the hospital or Nursing home. I do have background in medical and I just need to refresh or upgrade it. Anyway this online school is a Master of Science in Nursing - Clinical Nurse Leader Masters Degree. Well in order for you to be accepted you need to have a bachelor degree from an accredited College or University. They provide high quality programs you know so there’s nothing to worry. You feel like as a professional as well.

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