Friday, December 19, 2008

The Truth about Holodomor

Hello my fellow bloggers! How are you tonight? It looks like the snowstorm has stopped. Thank you God! Our driveway is quite clean right now so nothing to worry about getting stock in the snow. I hope tomorrow will be nice one. I love snow but I hate cold. I know I’ve been saying this a lot. Well I’m just making noise here you know. If it’s not cold tomorrow I will take my daughter outside to make a snowman. She has been outside with us this afternoon and helped us shovel. She enjoyed it very much but it was too cold so we went inside and make popcorn. After dinner she watched movie called Tinker Bell and she fall asleep in the couch. I just moved her to the bedroom. Anyway enough about that I will talk a little bit about holodomor which means hunger that comes from the Ukrainian word. There was a Soviet famine happened between 1932 – 1933 which most of the agricultural area was affected by it. Some of the politicians were involved in this tragedy including Viktor Yuschenko. There has been a debate about the famine that it was designed as an attack Ukraine. Well I really don’t much about the truth but you can visit the site for the history of holodomor.

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