Sunday, January 18, 2009

My First Apartment

1. Where had you moved from?
From a friend’s house

2. Describe your first apartment.
A two story building with 2 bedrooms

3. How old were you when you had your apartment?
20 years old

4. Did you have roommates? If yes, tell us more.
Yes , a close friend of mine

5. What was your place of employment then?
The same place

6. How were you finances at the time?
It was ok

7. Tell us about a lover who spent a night there.
My hubby used to spent time there.

8. Tell us about a band you listen to then. (You can cheat. Look it up.)
9. How long did you live there and why did you move from there?
About 3 years and we need a bigger place. We rented a house instead.
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