Monday, September 6, 2010

My favourite tea

I was talking about my favourite hot drinks in my other blog. You probably think that its coffee but you are wrong. I know that coffee is very popular around the world but is so as teas. I’m addicted to teas believe it or not. I never ran out of teas in my house. I drink it every day 3 to 4 times a day especially now that I’m back to work. I love tea pots too and I’m always looking online for some interesting teapots. Anyway I just don’t drink tea I also drink it with cookies, biscuits or cake. Oh well talking about that makes me think about Christmas holidays. We usually order Christmas cake during Christmas time and we also like to order Christmas biscuits to give away to our family. We also get together for tea and enjoy the company. It just happens that I found this site and so I know where to get my Christmas shopping now. I love the store because they have some beautiful teapots and they accept PayPal too. I’m also thinking of getting a teapot set for my in-laws for Christmas. Anyway cake and biscuits are perfect combination with tea so think about that!

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