Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sometimes, the remedy is worse than the condition. If you’ve had to struggle with acne in your life, and it was so severe that you were given Accutane for it, then you might just be wishing you were still only suffering from acne alone.
Doctors longer prescribe Accutane because of it has been linked to things like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately, many people found out about this too late and suffered the consequences of these further diseases. Some of these people have even filed an Accutane Lawsuit to recover some compensation for the damage that was done to them.
There are other drugs that may no longer be prescribed in the near future - like the drug Trasylol, which is used in bypass surgery. There are suspected complications with this drug too - like heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. If you or your loved ones have taken this drug, and have suffered from one of these conditions afterwards, you might want to think about filing a Trasylol lawsuit now. You may not be able to reverse the effect of what you experienced, but you might just be able to receive fair compensation for your injury - just as others have for previous drug mishaps like Accutane and others.

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