Monday, February 21, 2011

rent storage

I have been living here in Canada since 1990. For a start I rented an apartment with other friends. We started in a small apartment and then we eventually moved to a bigger one. Moving to another place is not easy especially if you are moving to a different town. In my own experience I have move a lot in different apartments and eventually buy my own house when I got married. It was six years ago when we first bought our house. It’s not my dream house but it’s nice enough for a starter. Unfortunately we had to give it up for financial reasons. Hubby lost his job and I was I was taking off maternity leave so we couldn’t afford the mortgage anymore. We had to find another house that smaller. We found this condo townhouse and we moved a year ago. But we have to vacate the old house and this house wasn’t ready yet. We had to do some painting and change the old carpet. What we did at that time was Rent Storage for our stuffs. We moved some of the stuff there at the rented storage for 2 days. We also moved some of our stuff at our friend’s house which is very close to where we are right now. I tell you Rent Storage is a great idea in case your house that you are moving to it’s not ready yet. I never knew about Rent Storage before and when we did it was the right time. You can also Rent Storage in London at affordable rates and sometimes free collection. You can hire your own secure and use your own padlock. You can go in and out as you wish

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