Friday, June 24, 2011

birth defects

We are keenly aware of the problems that could occur in our children as the result of medical drugs and prescriptions.  It has come to the point that we wonder if there is any drug that will not have potentially dangerous side effects.  I was reminded of this issue though again when I heard about the problems with a drug called Topamax.
This drug is known by the name Topamax and its chemical name is Topiramate.  There is also a generic name for it as well, Topiragen.
The problem with this drug is that it was originally designed to prevent epileptic seizures and came also to be prescribed for migraine headaches.  However there were reports that it was also being prescribed for other conditions.  And most of all drugs, Topamax came with serious  birth side effects, including cleft palate in unborn children or cleft lip
Because of these problems and side effects, it came to be addressed in the courts in the form of the Topamax lawsuit.  Then you are probably needing Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer. That means a professional lawyer can help you with this kind of problems.

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