Sunday, July 31, 2011


We moved to our current location almost two years ago. In fact, coming up this September, it will be two years. Our present house is very different from our previous one in quite a few ways. For the most part, the differences are an improvement over the last house we lived in.

Our last house was a detached bungalow sitting on a 50 by 100 foot lot. It included a very generous driveway and a sizeable backyard. If not for the bungalow style floor plan, there would have been even more yard space. But as it was, there was plenty enough for gardening and even for a large sized pool if we wanted one.

The previous owners of our first house had done a beautiful job of landscaping with a rock garden in the front yard and various garden plots in the backyard. So there really wasn’t much for us to do as far as landscaping. However, we did enjoy our beautiful perennial gardens with their Echinacea flowers and various others.

In contrast, our current house is a townhome which provides significantly less yard space. There is still space for a minimal garden at the back where we are presently growing tomatoes and eggplants. But that is about it. And anyway, the townhome complex management is quite strict about what they will allow outdoors. In return, they actually do almost all of the upkeep of the yard space - including taking care of the perennials and shrubbery. It is very nice to not have to worry about such things now.

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