Wednesday, June 27, 2012


What is the single biggest investment you make in your home - other than the initial purchase?  Put another way, what gets the most use in any home?  I would say it's what's under your feet that gets the most mileage.  We walk on it, spill dozens of things on it, kids crawl, play, and smash up toys on it all day every day.  It is easily the most used and abused part of any home.  In that sense, it's like of like the "skin" of your house - in terms of what takes the most punishment from objects and the world around it.

So your home's flooring is a common usage item that gets a ton of traffic and takes a lot of punishment.  In addition, the type of flooring can suit different demands from traffic.  A carpeted area is obviously not going to be put in places where there is as much traffic as say the front hallway.  Stairs can be carpeted, but the kind of carpet you use there is similarly critical for the life of that carpet. 

Back to the hallway, most people choose to lay a hard floor surface like hardwood or ceramic - materials that a can endure a lot of traffic and everyday use.  You can put less enduring materials in any location you choose, but you should be prepared to replace that flooring sooner than if you'd put a stronger flooring in place.

This is not rocket science obviously, but it does pay to do your homework when it comes to deciding what to buy for your home's floors.  A and M Flooring America Fresno are not rocket scientists either, but they do know a thing or two about flooring - having provided the flooring for thousands of customers so far.  And you can go it alone when you're doing your research.  But understanding what works and what doesn't for your flooring needs can be just as easy as talking to the professionals at A and M Flooring.

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