Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flooring America

I have to say that the flooring we have in this house has taken a lot of punishment.  In addition to the usual everyday wear and tear of trampling children's feet, it has also been subjected to numerous spills and accidents of other kinds, like dog's peeing and children's throwing up.
Perhaps we should have replaced it entirely throughout the house when we first moved in and put in some of the newer laminate flooring that I saw at Flooring America of Lansing, MI.  Actually, that's what the owner's appeared to be in the process of doing before they moved - having just completed re-flooring the three upstairs bedrooms.  And we suspect that they did it to hide the sheer destruction that was clearly caused by two large dogs we are told they owned.  It was also apparent by the odour that remained in some rooms and by the large stains on the carpet in the upstairs hallway.  There, we had no choice but to just rip it all up and replace it.
The rest of the flooring in our new house seems to have suffered nearly the same level of dog destruction.  But we did our best to steam clean what we could and otherwise clean up the remaining floors.
The downstairs flooring is all laminate, so if the dogs did go to the bathroom there, at least it was not as vulnerable to damage as the upstairs carpeting would have been.

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