Saturday, July 14, 2012


When I think about all the expenses that are involved in running a household, it makes me pause to think about how we can make do with the least of many more common articles.  But there are still some things that we would be unwise to scrimp on - like our flooring.  Floors are easily overlooked in any budget making process because they don't come up on the balance on a daily basis like, say, bathroom tissue.  So although everyday wear and tear on floors is in a sense a budget concern, the expense is not immediately apparent.  This is just to say that it's worth spending a little bit more for a good quality flooring solution like at to offset the long term costs of maintaining and eventually replacing a floor.
There are all sorts of flooring options available now as compared to even twenty or thirty years ago.  There is still the vinyl flooring option, along with hardwood flooring and ceramic.  But arguably, you are now more likely to find certain colours and styles in each of these.  Technology has brought with it huge advances in laminate flooring for example.  You can put down a beautiful laminate floor that comes close to rivaling the best quality hardwood floors.  And the strength and wear resistance is arguably much better.
And then there is of course the old standby of ceramic if you are looking for a high class flooring finish in such places as halls and kitchens.  Advances in this medium have also made this product more available and less expensive for the average home owner.

So whatever you flooring needs are, there is almost a 100% chance that you will find exactly what you are looking for in terms of style, and endurance in these modern floor materials.

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Julie said...

A home with hardwood floors would always look neat and stunning for me. The elegance is always present.Great ideas on flooring, by the way. :)

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