Sunday, July 22, 2012


What kind of floor is the easiest kind of floor to keep clean with a two year-old running to and fro across it?  I have had to clean up messes on every kind of flooring that there is - including ceramic, laminate, carpeted, hardwood and even just plain concrete.  At the risk of sounding cute, I'd have to say that the easiest kind of "floor" is the kind that nature provides, or just plain dirt.  That's true of course only if you happen to be in the great outdoors camping.  But really, in the home, what floor has proven the best for dealing with sticky messes created by young ones?

I'd have to say that the best kind of floor for handling spills and other sticky situations has to be a simple laminate style floor.  Obviously, any floor that has a lot of grooves and bumps in its texture is going to make it more difficult to clean.  And carpeted?  Forget it.  I've been there and done that too many times.  It's not impossible to clean such floor types, but it's just a lot easier to see and mop up things on a smooth, flat surface like on a laminate floor.

Many flooring stores, including Springdale Flooring Store will help you decide what kind of floor is best for all types of situations that it's going to be exposed to - like the two year-old I'm talking about specifically.  Experience can be your guide too - especially if you have kids of your own.  But the professionals who deal with every kind of flooring on a daily basis can bring a unique perspective to the discussion as well.

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