Monday, July 30, 2012


I think my favourite floor in our house is the basement.  It's my personal retreat and getaway from all that goes on on the two floors above it.  I can escape to my basement desk leaving my husband to entertain my two year-old upstairs so that he doesn't follow me there - at least for a while anyway.  It's not fancy.  It's finished with carpet and painted drywall.  But that's about it.  It has only my humble desk on which my computer and various other technological gadgets like my cameras and equipment lay.  But it's my space.

Every room has its intended purpose.  The basement room where I escape to is like my "cave".  Other rooms in the house have their purpose.  The family room is the kids' space essentially.  You can tell that by the toys littering the floor along with the fact that the couch cushions always seem to end up on the floor instead of on the couch.  My son likes to use the couch for his toy cars.  By the end of the day, the floor is often only barely visible.  It's a good thing that that particular floor is done in durable laminate.  Otherwise, it might not be around all that long.

The rest of the house is done in either laminate or carpeting - not too fancy.  It would be nice to eventually do the kitchen in something more classic, such as a nice ceramic tile.  That's somewhere down the road, however.

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