Friday, August 3, 2012

personalized golf balls

Summertime is usually very busy for everybody since there are many activities such as soccer, golf, beach parties, BBQ parties and etc. This year we enrolled our daughter for soccer game. She loves it and enjoyed it very much. However she took two weeks off so she missed 2 games. She will be back next week from the cottage. Anyhow talking about sports I don’t really have interest except maybe bowling and volleyball. I find it amazing though how many people loves golf but for me it’s kind of slow phase for me. Well I’m sure we all have different preference. But did you know that you can get personalized golf balls and that would be awesome you know. I would probably do that if I played golf. Actually many years ago I remember playing mini golf and it wasn’t bad at all so maybe if I try the real golf course I might enjoy it.

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