Monday, November 19, 2012


The amount of floorspace in a house is usually one of the top things given in a real estate listing. What's covering that floorspace also usually gets top mention. And it makes sense considering we spend so much time living on it. You want to know whether the floors are carpeted or laminate so you can weigh comfort versus maintenance.
Acadian Flooring America Marrero has both ends of the flooring spectrum - laminate for maximum durability and ease of cleaning to carpet for the greatest comfort and warmth. Plus there's everything in between including hardwood and tile - which have their own maintenance and comfort considerations.
In our house, we have mostly laminate. The only place where carpet exists is on the stairways and in the basement. This is particularly suited to our needs, since we have two young ones who spend a lot of time on and close to the floor making messes only children can make. The laminate is able to take quite a lot of wear and tear.
The carpet on the other hand, adds some warmth and comfort to the cement underlying the basement.The kids like to play there too. And although the carpet is not as forgiving for spills and messes, it's probably worth it for the extra comfort afforded.
In any case, homeowners need to weigh the different benefits vs disadvantages of these different kinds of flooring for their own situation.

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