Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laminate Flooring

I'd like to suggest that the most versatile and possibly durable flooring material of all-time is laminate flooring. It's so versatile because it can be used almost everywhere that other types of flooring can be employed and it's durable just as I know from personal experience of having a house full of kids and partiers at times.

the style does not make it suitable for all locations obviously.  There are locations in a house or business that require the comfort of carpet or the extra refinement of tile or ceramic. But generally speaking, laminate will pretty much do the job just about anywhere else.

We've had spills of all kinds threaten to besmirch the look and finish of our floors on numerous occasions. Things like kids throwing up on it, other kids messes, food and drink spills, sand, dirt, salt, slush, and everything else nature can throw at it. But every time it's happened, the cleanup has been as simple as getting out the paper towel and perhaps a bucket of soapy water and wiping up the mess. And afterwards, the floor is back to its near factory finish. That's ease of use and durability.

And I should also add that the laminate flooring you're looking floor is readily available in any good flooring store online.

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