Thursday, November 28, 2013

dog collar

My extended family on my husband's side of the family are almost all dog people. Apparently, we're the only family on this side that doesn't own or has never owned a dog.& It's fun for the kids especially when we visit our dog owning relatives and get to play with the dogs. They are fun dogs to play with.

It's never really been discussed seriously around our house about getting a dog, although my daughter has mentioned it at least once. Personally it just seems like too much added stress and work. Of course there is also added affection and joy of having a dog. But there's no question there is additional time and money involved with owning a dog.

But I'm looking at this sport dog collar today and thinking about how much fun having a dog would be. I mean, there clearly are a lot of people who are passionate about their dogs and dog sports. It doesn't seem that far removed from my own passion when I look at it this way.

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