Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter coats

It's that time of year here when we have to deck ourselves out in some of the warmest clothing we have. One of the keys to staying warm at this time of year is to wear different layers of clothes. But you still want to put on the best protection last, such as one of these
A well insulated outer coat can make all the difference in the kind of drastic cold that is possible in January and February - especially when you find yourself outdoors for an extended period of time.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

cool party lights

Ever wonder where those corporate Christmas party djs get their cool light show equipment? You know that lights that they've got going on that are almost mesmerizing to look at.(Maybe that's why they use them!) Of course you already know that you're probably not going to find something as specialized at your local hardware store. But I don't know the hardware store where you live.
Chances are though, you're best bet for finding something like that is online at a store that specializes in such products. Why waste time and money looking anywhere else?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

shows and gigs

I'm not sure what musicians and the people that work at putting on their live shows and gigs have always used for lugging around all the equipment they need. But I'm pretty sure they never had it as good as this rock and roller cart at my local grocery store. It look so good for what its designed for, I'm almost tempted to get one for lugging about other things aside from the items it was intended for. But that's probably just the Geek in me talking now.


As I was picking up my daughter yesterday from school, I noticed a group of kids carrying various instruments away from the school.  I've seen kids carrying instruments on their way home before.  But it's not every day that you see what looked like the entire music room marching by - including drums, keyboards?, and guitars.  I kept hoping none of the kids would fall on the ice and break the equipment or themselves.  At least if something did fall and break - like this beater from my son's toys that is replaceable. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steve Martin

At first it took me aback a little when I first found out that one of my favourite actor/comedians that I loved growing up had apparently given up making movies and doing comedy and had taken up the banjo It didn't seem like it was the same person. I'm talking about Steve Martin, for those who want to know. But after thinking about it, why not? Where is it written that people have to have only one major act in life? Why can't people pursue what they really want to pursue, when they want to pursue it?