Monday, April 30, 2007

A Springtime Ritual

A ritual is anything you choose to observe as a mindful and deliberate way to focus your energy. here are a few possibilities to help get you started creating your own spring rituals.
1. Lie stomach down on the grass, and listen to the hum of the earth.
2. Plant pussy willows.
3. Pick your lawn's [unsprayed] dandelion greens and eat them.
4. Listen to classical composer Antonio vivaldi's Spring Concerto.
5. Plant lettuce and flower seeds.
6. Greet the day by saying "thank you"to Mother Earth for the gift of spring.
7. Dance barefoot on the grass.
8. thank your mother for giving you life.
9. Watch the sunrise on /easter morning.
10. Make a spring wreath of green boughs.

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