Sunday, March 23, 2008

Guide to Web Hosting

Blogging is becoming very popular around the world and looks like everyone I know is blogging too. And I do blog as well and pretty much enjoying it especially I met a lot of friends over blogging. I owned 5 blogs at the moment and they are all active. I have 3 domains and 2 are free blogs by Blogspot. Free blogs are really great and I don't have problems with it. But since I joined the worlds making money on the internet using my blogs I realized that I do need my own domain and web hosting. I know that there are so many web hosting out there and it's really hard to decide which one is better but you just have to do your own research.

Anyway Kaushal Sheth have come up with his own researched and he is sharing it with us. He found some good knowledgeable and reputable and best web hosting company. Through his research he gathered the top 3 best web hosting company and they are Host Monster, Host gator and Yahoo Host. According to Kaushal Sheth Host Monter is 100 % up all the time and have excellent support. That's good news for us because we want the best web hosting.

By the way Kaushal Sheth is also a Wordpress Designer. He does custom themes for wordpress so if you are interested please contact Kaushal Sheth. I saw his creations and they are beautiful themes.


PrettylifeOnline said...

blogging make life more fun!!! LOL! Thanks for dropping at my castle,,, Have a great day!

alpha said...

oo agring, korean actor si gong yoo at boypren ko na sya hehehe

Yahoo Web Hosting said...

I am really in favor of yahoo web hosting . They provide some great features . I have tried another web hosting also . But personally yahoo web hosting works best for me . I have also created one lens on yahoo web hosting . Hey , by the way , nice blog my friend

Lunarpages Hosting Review said...

He is missing some of my personal favorite web hosting companies both Lunarpages and Hostgator. Just make sure you get a provider that has cPanel or Plesk.