Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Donate your Boat Now

Angel Ministries is where you can find boat Angel and a good charity Ministries as well because they help people especially kids and teens. It is a place where you can donate your used boat or yacht. Unfortunately I can't Donate My Boat because I don't have one but I will certainly tell my friends who has boat, yacht or some kind of vessels. If you have one that you don't use anymore why not give it away for a good cause. I'm sure you will feel better knowing that you helped someone in need especially those kids and teens.

Angel Ministries are using your donations to create animations and anti-drug documentaries for children. That is great. Isn't it? You can donate your boat or yacht even if it's not running in good condition. They will pick it up for free. The advantage also is that you can get a tax deduction so that means you can claim it. For more information you can visit some projects that they are working on at http:carangel dot com/projects.html. You can also contact 1.800.227.2643 .

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