Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot Tub Party

I talked about my dream house before and it wasn't that important whether it's a big one or not as long as there's a big garden in it. And yes I have a big garden in my frontyard and backyard. I just love all the flowers blossoming during spring and summer. I also have a big patio in our backyard where all the summer BBQ is happening. We always invited friends over for BBQ and drinks for fun. We also installed a portable pool in our backyard for the kids to enjoy. But we are also considering something for the adults. Our friends mentioned about Hot Tubs how great it is to have one in the backyard while the kids are having fun in the pool. We as parents needs to enjoy too you know! Oh well, the question is where do I find an affordable Hottub that suits our budget.
Anyway, I was looking for hut tubs online and I came across this site who specializes in Portable Hot Tubs and it turned out that they are the world's only hot tubs equipped with the patented jetpak system. wow! that's great news for me. I will definitely need help for this since I don't know anything about hot tubs. I can't wait to have a hot tubs party.

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