Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Fun

Photography is a hobby of mine since when I was 19 years old. I remember my first film camera was a Konica. I took a lot of pictures and arranged then in an album. I still have my film negatives in the storage. Wow! that was a long time ago. I believe it was1989 when I started taking pictures. Now technology has gone digital including cameras. There's so much stuff now in the market that's obviously very tempting. I got my first digital camera 3 years ago and it's point and shoot canon. I really like it and my photography was getting more easier. You can do a lot with photo now like Photo Canvas, photo calendars. By the way aside from photography I also became addicted to digital scrapbooking and photography is a very big part of it. You can't do scrapbooking without pictures and with that I needed to take a really good pictures for my family especially my daughter. I can also use my photos for Holiday Photo Cards like Christmas and birthdays. Anyway my daughter is growing up and I really want to document everything that's why I got addicted to photography as well..lol. The truth is photography now a serious hobby so I decided to upgrade my camera into far more advanced. I got a DSLR Canon 400 about two years ago. I love it so much especially with all the lenses I've got. It's so incredible with what can lenses do to your photo. I found a site online that's offering photo sharing website, Photo Prints and photo gifts as well. There's just so many fun stuff that you can do with your photos. Believe me!


Anonymous said...

I too love photography..! I got my first digital camera 2 years ago.

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

My partner Mandy discovered digital photoraphy a few years ago and eventually quit her pre-school job to be a digital photo artist - combining her photography skills with her computer skills.

Now she runs her own small personalised photo gift business in the UK specialising in photo jigsaws (your picture put onto a jigsaw - both boxed and flat wooden ones), but does loads of other gift ideas as well.

It's amazing just how much digital photography has taken off with everyday cameras getting smaller but better quality - images are improving all the time.

Have a look at our range of personalised gift ideas at http://www.fabulousphotogifts.co.uk - who knows it might inspire you. We also run a monthly competition based on a theme. Last months was pets, this months is weddings.

Some great photo's there - Mandy also shares your passion for floral pictures.


Anonymous said...

I feel that you have reached the stage where photography is running in you blood as your passion.