Friday, September 12, 2008

Modern Furniture

Last July we left for the cottage and got back after a week. The first day we were there my Darling daughter fell off the bed because she moves a lot. She was okay though. It wasn't that high and besides it's carpeted. On the other hand I got stiffed neck and sore shoulder. It's actually a bunk bed so me and my darling daughter shared the bed and hubby slept on the top bed.. Anyway I was fine for the next few days. As I said we got back after a week and I was dying to sleep in my own bed. I missed my bed you know and I was looking around our bedroom and thinking of getting a new Modern Furniture for a change. We all need something new in our bedroom at least every five to ten years. Well, a new dresser would be a great idea or some Bedroom Sets or maybe a sofa bed/daybed.
My sister is also interested in getting a Dining Room like he one I saw on eroom service. I really love those dining sets that's why I told her about the site. I told my sister that it's a great buy. She said what about Kid's Room sis? I'm sure my daughter would love some new furniture in her room since she's growing up now. Anyway if you are interested too well go ahead shop now.

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Anonymous said...

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