Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whistle While I Work

Whistle While You Work
We are talking about jobs today.
1. Tell us which job your are telling us about, and when you had it.
That was 1987 when I was working in the hospital as a MIDWIFE!
2. Where do/did you work?
As I said in the hospital....Philippines
3. Tell us about that boss.
Let's just say that I'm not fan of the Doctor!
4. Do/Did you find your work creative? If yes how?
I don't think sticking up a needle to a person butt was
5. Tell us about your favorite co-worker.
Mergie was my co-worker and we became best friend! In fact she is here in Canada.
6. Tell us about the biggest jerk in that job.
I cant remember right now!
7. Where do/did you see yourself with this job in five years?
I left that job a long time ago!
8. Tell us about your commute.
I stayed in the dorm @ the hospital.
9. What hours of the day do/did you work?
All day and on call at night.
Oh well I miss those days. I wish that I could go back but that's impossible. Anyway I have to do some cleaning today but before that I would like to check this Miele vacuums before I start vacuuming. I need a new vacuum you know!

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