Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shop Online

Today is Sunday and I just stayed home. I was tired and so I just watched movie in my laptop. Hubby and my daughter went to Recreation Centre for Swimming. My daughter had a great time there. I cooked some dinner and did some of my assignments. I hope I will be able to finish them all before I go back to work on Tuesday. We don’t have work tomorrow since its holiday. It’s Family day. Unfortunately hubby has to work. For some reasons other company don’t get the Family day as their holiday.
Anyway I’ve been thinking of going shopping but since the store is close tomorrow I will just go online instead. I’m thinking of getting new Lamps for my desk and hubby’s desk. I know a site that offers great products. They are not only offering lamps but also Home and Garden accents and décors. Anything that you need in a house they have it. Other products that the store carries are Home Furnishing and Décor and many more.

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