Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kids friendly garden

Good morning everyone! How are you this morning? It looks like we have snow today and it’s very cold outside. It’s actually started last night. We haven’t been getting snow for quite a while so this is like wow! It’s snowing. My sister would like to take some pictures with the snow you know! She’s been in Canada for almost 3 years and she complained that she has no pictures with the snow yet. Anyway back to my topic. I would like to talk about vegetable seed this morning because I’m planning to buy some. I’m planning to make a vegetable garden in my backyard. I have only small backyard so I can only plant small vegetable garden. We just moved here 5 months ago and not so big property here compared to the previous house we had. We planted lots of vegetables there like green beans, cucumber, green onions, corn, and tomatoes. This time I think I’m going to plant cucumber and tomatoes. Anyway I need to get some tips from Michelle Obama on how she built her garden at the Whitehouse with her kids. I heard this year it’s getting bigger. I believe my plan would be perfect because my daughter loves cucumber and tomatoes. It’s definitely a kids friendly garden for sure!

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