Sunday, July 20, 2008

I need more memory cards

Aside from spending a lot of time in my laptop I also spend more time in Photography. As I keep fiddling with my camera I'm learning something everyday. I also finding more gadgets to add to my lists. One gadgets are memory cards one that's very important to have. One time when I went to the park I can't just resist photographing the flowers. Well I found out my memory card was full so I ended up erasing some of the pictures.. Now I learned my lesson.

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Leora said...

Get one with a large size. I just got one that's 2GB. It's good for my son, who likes taking movies. They make them 4GB, too. If you are using the memory card that came with your camera, it's probably pretty small. You might want to replace that one and not bother using it. Then you'll rarely run out of space (unless you take movies, which are space hogs).