Friday, August 24, 2012


There is something about cigars that makes men of high and low estate both want to pass them around at certain milestones of life. You've probably watched scenes in movies at least - if not in real life - where the proud new Dad hands out cigars to his friends as his pride and joy arrives into the world. Or maybe you've been at a wedding where the groom has given out cigars. That's exactly what my husband did at our wedding. He thought it was important enough to disappear for half a day prior to our wedding to track down his favourite brand of cigar.
That was 11 years ago this September. Back then, I don't know if he even thought about trying to track down those davidoff cigars online like you can today. It might have been possible. But one things for sure: Things like cigars and many other items are much easier to get a hold of and order online than at any other time.

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