Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spring Onions (Green Thumb Sunday)


I have a little spring onions garden in the backyard with my flowers. It's actually very easy to grow spring onions. If you want to use some for cooking you just cut half the stalk and it will grow back. I usually use spring onions for soup and salad. It's quite delicious you know! By the way I have to cook some dinner now but wait a minute my kitchen sinks needs some minor repair. Those rusty aluminum needs hard cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

hi agring...i'm just wondering looking at your photo...nakabutang man gud kay Sherwood Photography..Are you in Edmonton,Alberta? Dia ko sa Edmonton karon..mag 3 weeks nako dire..pero I will be back in Quebec next week..mura ug duol ra man mi sa sherwood..dia mi sa gateway..if naa ka dire sa edmonton, it would be nice nga magkita ta hehehhe