Monday, September 1, 2008

Home Improvement

As I said before it's Labor day weekend so it's my day off today. I'll be back to work tomorrow afternoon. I didn't do much interesting today except cleaning the house. Also I'm trying to find a new templete for one of my blog. I've searched all the internet looking for wordpress templete but I didn't find anything that I like. Believe me there's so many templetes out there. I can't decide which one. Oh well I'll try again this week. Anyway our neighbor is moving out soon. Their house was sold last week so I guess we are going to have a new neighbor. As for us we are still here and Wow! four years this month. I can't believe it! I'm just thankful that this house didn't give us too much headache. I didn't recall calling an Electric Contractors except that one incident when hubby called an electrician to help him put some switch in the garage. Most handy work around here hubby will take care of it as long as he can do it. In regards with Home Pest Control we don't have problem at all except those flies but they are manageable and I don't think we need pest control. On the other hand Plumbing Repair is mostly one of the minor problems we have but it's hubby that always fix it and so far he's doing good with it. If you need a professional though they are available. I mean we can't always handle everything on our own.

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